Student Opinion: Brown Bag It

The “Brown Bagging It” page on Facebook is something that is designed to get school lunches back to normal. Almost as if it was a protest, the page wants people to actually start bringing their own lunch to school to bring normal lunches back.

At the beginning of the school year, kids were bringing home lunches all the time, and now that has died down. Homemade lunches are rarely seen anymore. However, students still complain about the lunches.

“I bring my own lunch. I might eat here once in a while,” said Christopher Whited. “But I almost always bring my own.”

There is no chance that this would really work unless all students all over took a lunch to school on the same week, that’s going to be hard to get everyone together.  The reason all the students would need to do this is because they wouldn’t be buying a school lunch therefore the school doesn’t profit from the lunches made that week.

“I really don’t like our lunch,” said Anthony Schroetke. ” I hate how I have to grab a fruit even though I don’t eat it.”

Understanding that the school doesn’t have a choice on the lunches anymore is only half  of it, but they still have a choice on the price. Last year the price was only five cents more than it is this year. If the school is producing smaller proportions, then why has the price not changed?

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