Jumpin’ Jack

Senior Jackson Schepp had always been a baseball player up until sixth grade, but in seventh grade decided to participate in track instead.

“I started to hate baseball, ” said Schepp. “But it was way to slow placed and I always cried when I struck out so I decided to try track instead.”

He slowly developed into a good jumper and progressively got better through middle school. This year, he was able to make it to state in high jump with a jump of  six feet and three inches.

These results did not just happen. He worked out daily to help prepare himself for the track season.

“I lifted several times a week, and drank protein shakes after,” said Schepp. “I also barehanded walleyes in rivers to help me with my reflexes.”

The season started fairly slow because of the inclement weather, and along with every other track athlete he wished they were outside earlier.

“The season sucked at the beginning of the year and I wished it was warmer,” said Schepp. “I really wanted to get outside and jump plus I also wanted to see all those hot bikini bods.”

Even after track was delayed several weeks he was still able to make state in high jump.

“I was in doubt early in the season,” said Schepp. Since we were inside a ton it was tough to find a rhythm. But after being outside for a little bit I was able to get in a groove and make my goal.”

With this being his last year of track in high school, he plans to go on to college and jump as well.

“Track is just fun,” said Schepp. “I’m excited to move on and jump at college, but I am also pumped to meet new people. Plus I get to show off my stuff.”

When he looks back at track in high school he is proud that he not only got better as a jumper, but as a person as well.

“I think my self-confidence really went up through the years in track,” said Schepp. Now I don’t only think I’m the best at track, but the best at everything else as well.”

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