We Can’t Stop – Hit or Miss?

Other than a couple songs and an extreme hair cut, Miley Cyrus has been pretty under the radar since Disney’s Hannah Montana ended in 2011.

“I feel like she’s changed a lot over the years. She used to be Disney poster child,” said Junior Lauren Schultz. “I think because we haven’t heard a lot about her in a while it was a big deal that she came out with a new song.”

Lately, Miley has been blowing up Twitter with #wecantstop publicizing the debut of her new single, We Can’t Stop.

“I liked it. It just makes me want to sing, and I do with my friend. Bailey Braatz,” said Senior Haley Prim.  “It makes me want to party and rage my face off.”

Miley fans had a very positive reaction and accept her through all of her changes and choices.

“It’s probably my favorite song. I’ve listened to it on repeat,” said Senior Madison Herzfeld. “I waited for the premier! I was super excited. I love Miley Cyrus and everything she does is beautiful.”

Some people don’t think she’s changed for the better though.

“It’s really electronic and auto tuned. I miss the old Miley kind of,” said Senior Laura Dirks.

Form your own opinion if you haven’t heard it yet, check it out here!

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