International Club offers an interesting experience during BASE Time

The club has started for the 2021-22 school year

The International Club is starting up again this year at Buffalo High School, for the winter months. It takes place during two Wednesdays per month, during BASE time, and is lead by Frau Michele Strassburg and Mr. Jason Swanson. Students won’t have to pay or attend every meeting to participate.

“International Club traditionally is for students to get a better understanding of cultures globally, around the world, specifically beyond Wright County,” said Swanson. 

Among the exchange students, there are two from Germany, one from Austria, one from Bolivia, one from Spain, and one from Norway. It also functions as a home base for the exchange students, and students would be able to hang out with and listen to presentations from them.

“Students can look forward to getting to know our exchange students, getting to know a little bit more about other cultures, other ways of life, as well as helping building a connection with our exchange students so they feel welcome here,” said Swanson.

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