Bison Girls Swim & Dive team celebrates Halloween with yearly costume party.

Tradition continues under new leadership.

Every year, the Bison Girls Swim & Dive team takes a day to show off their crazy Halloween costumes. Swimmers arrive at practice wearing more than the  usual suit and goggles combo.

This year, the contest was under new management with Coach Kelsea Smith. The practice started with the costume contest and then the team swam. 

In the Halloween spirit, Coach Smith jokingly encouraged the team to be ready for a practice that would “haunt” them ”for the rest of their lives”.  The girls left the set with sore arms and treats waiting outside of the pool for them. 

This year’s costumes ranged from Santa and his elves, to painter Bob Ross and his happy little clouds, to notorious clowns. They also featured a skii duo and a scuba diver. The winner of this year’s contest was Avery Larson, who came dressed as a rubber duck.

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