“I think you should be able to walk up the stairs without seeing your underwear…”

Shorter and shorter, inch by inch, skirts in the school are getting shorter. Fifteen out of 15 teachers surveyed agreed skirts are getting shorter. The question is how short is too short?

“I think you should be able to walk up the stairs without me seeing your underwear,” said English Teacher Tracy Hagstrom Durant.

Some choose to go with the more respectful route and prefer longer skirts. Taking a secondary approach to the typical high school boy stereotype.

“Six inches above the knee is a good length,” said Freshman Adam Treptau.

Others  may agree to disagree.

“I like when my girlfriend wears them,” said Senior JP Newman.

Opinions may vary depending on who the person the short skirt or short shorts are on. Protective brothers and sister or even parents may completely reject the idea of a short skirt or short.

“My sisters skirt will have to be past the knees,” said Newman.

Whatever angle you take the battle of the inches will continue to wage on at Buffalo High School.

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