Winter Crashes..

Winter might just be the best time of the year but can also be the deadliest moment of your life.

Winter is where everyone is excited to drive around and have fun in the snow, but can also lead into some deadly times. Here at Buffalo High School kids love to run around, go snow ball fighting, or build snow men. But they also have to drive around on black ice. These roads can be dangerous for some drivers. Especially in the parking lot where most crashes happen at Buffalo High School.

“ I’ve seen some cars after they’re wrecked but not when it happens.” said Senior Austin Young’s

Young’s has became more cautious driving in the parking lot than on the roads.“After school there are a bunch of kids driving around trying to get home, it’s dangerous enough already.” Said Young’s

“There are so many people backing out and walking around, not everyone’s paying attention to where they’re going.” Said Young’s

Buffalo High School students say that they should plow the parking lot more often then they do now. Some students say roads can be slippery around here, because it could be more dangerous than we think.

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I was born in Richfield Mn on Febuary 12th 1998. I was 5 years old when i moved to Buffalo Mn and ive been living here since with my mom Teri and my sister Kellie. I also have a dog named Freddie a turtle named Tiny Tim and 3 chickens.

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