Student Body vs. Student Council

Homecoming dress up days are complained about every year and this year isn’t the exception, “I think they are very boring and don’t think there are many things people can dress up as,” says Senior Julie Spreeman.

Out of 110 BHS students polled 70% supported the idea of the student body voting for the days.

 “We try to pick all of the days based upon general appropriateness and creativity and general fun, we want everybody to have a good time but nothing that would cause too much academic unrest,” says Senior Michael Swearingen.
Class color day is brought back to homecoming week every year.

 “Class color day is always dangerously popular. In fact it’s so bad that the administration has to protect the freshman hallway,” says  Swearingen. 

Out of 51 surveyed, 37 said that class color day was their favorite day during homecoming week.

“I like class color day because everybody is divided up into four colors and you can tell who everyone is,” says Sophomore Jessica Beckers.

The four colors that line the halls in BHS on the Thursday of homecoming week are yellow for freshman, red for sophomores, blue for juniors, and the long awaited black for seniors. There is always a huge turnout with the students and the staff dressing up.

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