Should students have to pay for parking passes?

$50 for a parking pass each semester of the year, that totals up to $100 per year, just for one person to park at school. Every year, about 450 students park at the school, which adds up to about $45,000 every year. But where does all that money go? All of the money goes to the school district’s main account, General Fund. And what do people think of paying for parking passes? Senior Montanna Bohall says, “I don’t think students should pay for parking passes, because the school makes money through other ways like lunch money and activities. The minimum amount of money I would pay would be $20.” Student councilor Christina Cox says,”I regret having to say that students should pay for parking, without that extra money the school would have to make budget cuts.” Without the parking fee the school would have budget cuts, costing teachers and staff their jobs.

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