He’s a Walking Frostbite Risk

Ryan Marrandino

As the snow crunches below students’ feet, the walk from the parking lot can seem like an eternity. Even when you are bundled up the cold air still seems to sting any sliver of uncovered skin. It’s even worse when you are wearing shorts and flip flops.

Senior Ryan Marrandino can be seen making the perilous journey through the parking lot with his bare legs and toes trekking their way through the unplowed paths. He doesn’t mind though. He sees it as a way to carry on a tradition set by his brother.

“My brother went through the full winter wearing it when he was a junior or senior so I thought why not carry it on,” said Marrandino.

Even though this year has been especially tough because of the many sub-zero days and snowfalls, Marrindino refuses to fully give up the chilly ensemble.

“Last year I did the full winter wearing flip flops to school and it was fine,” said Marrandino. “But that first snowfall this year at the end of November kind of sucked so I decided I’m not going to do it every single day.”

As one can imagine the outfit draws some stares in the halls among a sea of pants and snow boots.

“Teachers don’t say much but I hear kids in the hallway say, ‘oh that kid is wearing flip flops!’,” said Marrandino.

With such low temperatures, the risk of frostbite is prevalent. Even though the risks are higher with wearing flip flops and shorts, Marrandino toughs through it.

“ I usually run the defrost in my car and that blows cold air on my feet,” said Marrandino. “I only change into tennis shoes if I lift after school.”

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