Are students spending too much on expensive water bottles?

The Hydroflask trend

Buffalo High School students have been into expensive water bottles that are starting to be a part of girls’ wardrobes. These water bottles you may have seen could be decorated with stickers, bracelets or scrunchies. This new trend started before Christmas and made water bottles a top item on Christmas lists this year.

There are about 10 different styles of hydro flask water bottles on their website, with over 12 colors to choose from. Price ranging from $30.00 to over $50.00 for the larger bottles. Apart from water bottles they also have tumblers, bottles for coffee, wine and beer, coolers, clothing, and food containers. Hydroflask website.

“I think people spend way too much money on water bottles,” said junior Julia Lowell. “They are cute when they are decorated with stickers, but people just buy them for the name. ” 

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