Did Removing Bathroom Doors Fix Vaping Problem?

After two weeks without bathroom doors, has the vaping problem decreased?

To stop people from making bad decisions like vaping in the bathroom, Buffalo High School recently took the entry doors to all student bathrooms off. This decision has been very controversial around the school, with some students and teachers applauding it and others rallying against it.

Junior Kaden Stubstad hasn’t seen a change.

“Every single time I’m in there I see at least one person vaping,”  Stubstad said.

Junior Carter Jerde agrees.

“No, it hasn’t worked,” Jerde said. “It doesn’t stop the addiction.”

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Junior Michael Tweten thinks it is making improvements.

“No, it hasn’t worked,” he said. “But it helps.”

“It hasn’t helped,” Freshman Evan Soefker said, “because there’s still eight people gathered around doing it when I go to the bathroom.”

Other students believe it has helped the cause.

Junior Nicole Odeen said, “Yes [it has helped]. Because you can’t hear the door open, so you have less time to hide it.”

“Yes,” said Sophomore Matthew Henson, “but it feels weird when teachers walk in while your urinating.”

So, did taking off the restroom doors stop the vaping problem?

Did Removing Bathroom Doors Stop Vaping?
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