Is The ACT Really A Fair Test?

The ACT. The test we will probably all end up taking at some point in time. The ACT is a test that is five hours with hundreds of questions, and it probably will affect your further education quite a bit.

Now with this test you will have your test evaluated and scored and so on, we all sorta get the gist of the ACT. Then it will be sent to colleges for them to judge if, with your grades and essay included and some other junk, you are a suitable student for their school. Now say you aren’t the best test taker out of the bunch, and you get a 21. Not a bad score at all, but a college may see that on their admissions and pass it right into the garbage. Now how fair is it that you did good in school and all that, but because on one test you didn’t do too hot so now colleges may not consider accepting you. All your hard work that could possibly be knocked down by a test.

“Yeah, I’m 50% Japanese and I didn’t score in the high 30’s… You tell me if there’s something wrong with this test.” Said Junior Reed Morehouse.

Sure we could make the argument that it’s a good way for colleges to see your overall knowledge and all that jazz. But is it really? Is it really a good way to look at peoples over all knowledge when they are sitting in a room for five hours testing on multiple subjects, and pressured to finish each section on time.

“I don’t think the ACT is a good judgement of someones intelligence because In my opinion all the ACT measures is your ability to retell information you have previously heard and we might as well be playing memory if thats the case.” Said Junior Maverick Flesher.

So for the kids who do score in the 30’s, then congrats because you are probably in the top percentile of your school. But in my high school experiences I have seen many hard working students, who are very smart, receive around say a 21 on the ACT. Once again, not a bad score but to higher Universities it probably won’t be looked at as a strong positive.

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