Your Salad Line is gone!

At first the school started charging for the salad dressing and now they have got rid of the salad line altogether and replaced it with the ala carte line. So what happened to the salad line?

Buffalo High School students have a range of thoughts on the salad line removal.

“It’s not a bad idea because they have all the other stuff people like in a line, but some people like building their own salads. I think it’s a good idea. I like the actual choices they have in there now,” said Junior Mike Miller.

“It’s so stupid because if you want a salad on a particular day you can’t just go through the salad line,” said Freshman Megan Lowell. “Also all the kids who would have gone in the salad line are now in the other lines taking up space. They’re removing a healthy choice from the public and everybody likes the salad line too. That is my opinion and fact that I have decided.”

“In the past I really liked the salad line, just because of the selection of food you could get. I liked getting the particular fruit I liked and getting a salad along with protein,” said Senior Jon Thielen. “It’s a little bit larger selection, so you can get a larger quantity of food that you like. So I liked that. The new ala carte line I like some of the new things, they’re okay. They taste like they were just kept warm, rather than some of the stuff with the salad was fresher because it was more cooler ingredients with the salad and the protein, stuff like that. I wish the salad line would be back, but I’m okay with the way it is now.”

The food service at Buffalo High School has declined to comment on the removal of the salad line.

Since the school started making healthier choices in 2012, due to the push for healthier lunches by the government, lead by Michelle Obama. The government mandated lunches by minimum fruit, vegetable and whole grain servings, as well as maximum sodium, sugar and fat contents.

“I think it’s kinda weird considering that they were trying to make healthier foods and they took the salad bar away and replaced it with non-healthy foods,” said Junior Reid Kasowski.

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