You Have Mail: Shark-Rhino

As students have been checking their school emails recently, there have been some odd pictures showing up in their inbox sent by fellow classmates. There are six sophomore boys who have sent their own photo shopped pictures of things such as: a shark-rhino, a pig-duck, a horse-mouse, and more.

When asked what the start of all this was, Sophomore Maxwell Hershey replied, “We were bored in AAA and just started experimenting.”

The big question though was, why send it to every student in the high school?  Senior Zachary Wellsted answered this question saying, “We had been getting some responses from other people in class so we thought it  would be funny to just send it to everyone.”

Senior Cameron Sonju, after seven pictures being sent, decided to make an effort to stop it. He replied to all saying, “Stop sending us pointless pictures.” Sonju said that he thought it was really annoying and that is why he decided to tell them to stop.

Since Sonju’s email back there has been no more sight of these odd creatures in people’s in-boxes. Whether or not Sonju was the cause, the emails seem to have come to an end.  Some found it as humorous, others found it annoying.

 “We were just boys being boys,” said Hershey

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Megan Metz

Dat senior life doe. #senioritis

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