Where are BHS students going for 2018’s Spring Break?

Spring break is coming up, and we wanted to know the coolest places people were going. So a survey was sent out trying to figure out how many people actually go places, and where they were going. About 40% of the responses were those who said they weren’t going anywhere.

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Almost 60% of the replies were yes. Of those who said they were going somewhere, the majority responses were warm climates such as Mexico and Arizona, away from Minnesota’s chilly temperatures. But there were a couple that stood out to us.

Junior Meghan Landsberger is heading over the Atlantic to the U.K. Meghan is going with her mother to see her dad who lives in England. She’s been there a few times now, and says she’s excited to “leave and travel more.” Other than England, Meghan will be taking a ferry over to Dublin, Ireland. This is the first time she will have been to Ireland and says it will be one of the most exciting parts of her trip. Besides seeing her dad, of course.

Senior Cecilia Miller has already been relaxing in the sun the past couple days. Cece is on vacation with her dad and younger sister in Thailand. She said she was excited to visit the beaches and see the “big Buddha.” Other than hanging out on a beach, Cece and her family will get the chance to paddle board, snorkel, visit different islands. Her favorite thing to do on vacation is “just getting to relax and see how a different part of the world lives.”

Senior Natalie Bobick is going down to Costa Rica with her family to relax and get away from her stressful classes. Natalie is looking forward to reading a good book, and visiting somewhere new. Her and her family will be taking it easy at the resort they are staying at, one of Natalie’s favorite things to do.

Whether you’re going somewhere for break or not, tomorrow is almost here. Finals are almost done, and it’s time to start relaxing.

By Hazel Wintermantel and Caitlin Drews

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