What’s different with this year’s seniors?

During fourth quarter, seniors get their senior privileges, including the ability to leave school during AAA and participate in the senior breakfast. One last opportunity is  graduating one quarter early from high school. The amount of students who choose this option is usually between 20 and 30 students. These students have to have all their credits done, not too many tardies or unexcused absences.

This year seems to be different. As of right now only six students have chosen to graduate early. Many choose to stay because they want to finish out the year with their classmates. Students who decide to graduate early cannot return to the building until graduation.

Senior Bailey Veches, one of the six who decided to graduate early, said, “I need to work more to save up money for college.”

This seems to be the most common reason for graduating early.

Senior Abby Strehlow said just about the same thing, “I’m graduating early because I want to make more money for when I go to college.”

“I don’t mind students leaving early, but I think they should have a minimum GPA of 3.0 with a maximum of unexcused absences and tardies,” said teacher Kurt Konsela.

But why is it such a minimal number compared to the past years?

“It is very common for kids to come in and finalize their papers around this time,” said Councilor Mrs. Zimmer, “There could be more kids coming to finalize papers soon.”

Students who may have all the requirements still decide not to graduate early, senior Cassie Bunkers said, “I am deciding not to graduate early because I’m in CIS Chemistry, and CIS woods and I want to stay for the college credits.”

Early graduating seems to be more of a common choice by seniors in the past years but, this year may be different.

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