What can the health office really do for you?

“Do you want to try laying down?” seems to be a common question students are asked when they pay a visit to the health office. Whether you are puking green slime or just have a bloody nose that seems to be all they can offer. What most don’t know is what the health office can actually do for them and what it takes to keep BHS healthy.

School nurses need to know how to do a variety of things. From performing CPR to applying a band-aid, special training is required.

“Front desk school nurses have to complete CPR and first aid training. They also need to take para professional classes.” said District RN Stephanie Gleason.

A common complaint among students is the health offices inability to offer medications like Advil.

“Whenever I have a headache all I can do is lay down. I don’t understand the restrictions on giving out medications.” said Freshman Emily Vogt.

What many don’t understand is there are several factors that affect being able to provide meds to everyone.

“Some of it is funding, like who pays to provide them. Another reason is some students could be allergic and we can’t take that risk.” said Gleason.

The health office is a go to place to either take a quick nap or even get out of class. A surprising 50% of students surveyed  have gone to the nurse’s just to skip out on some classes.

“Sometimes I just want to take a nap.” said Junior Jacob Barry.

Whether it be for a serious health problem or just to take a break,  the ladies down at the office love to see kids come in.

“Each student comes in for a reason. Even if it’s just for a band-aid or to take a rest, we still like to see their smiling face. We just want people to feel comfortable with going to the health office. It’s not a scary place!” said Gleason.


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