What are Custodians Days Like?

An interview with the custodians of the school

A vital part of Buffalo High School that often gets forgotten about are the custodians. They are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the school. James Ingram and Troy Beise are both custodians at this school. What are their lives like in and out of school?

What do you like to do in your free time?

“I like to watch football,” James said.

“In my free time, I do a lot with the county fair, and that’s kind of how I spend my summer and just about every free moment I have,” said Troy.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

“It’s probably seeing the kids smile, making sure they’re having a good day,” said James.

“I’d have to agree, the people, the kids, the staff, is what makes it. Everybody working together, I think that’s the best part,” Troy said.

 Is there anything you wish you could change?

“If I could change something, I wish I could have a few more hands, then I could accomplish a little bit more in a day,” Troy said.

“Yeah I’m going to have to agree with that one,” James said.

“I know that’s probably not anything anyone can do, but,” said Troy.

Is there anything you wish students would know?

“If you have the idea to do something, usually it falls back onto us to remedy the situation, whether it’s fixing or replacing or cleaning up after…” Troy said.

“We’re the guys that have to do it,” said James.

“We’re the ones who have to do it, find the parts, call for certain repairs, or products, parts, whatever. It falls back onto us,” concluded Troy.

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