What A Surprise: A Valentine’s Day Story

It’s Valentine’s Day and all the couples unite; you can tell by the flowers, chocolates, and balloons. But in all seriousness, do we know the stories behind a person’s “love story”?

“We met through his sister [Valerie Campa], who also happens to be a friend of mine so it was kind of awkward,” said Junior Hannah Calder.

“The first time I saw him I liked him but didn’t know how to tell him. He sat on me in Val’s car after the St. Michael football game and he said “Who am I sitting on?!” I believe that was his exact words,” said Calder. “After that I had Brianna Christianson get his number from Val’s phone and I texted him, turns out he wanted to text me too. Val felt a little weird about it at first but she’s cool with it now and it’s been great.”

You’d be surprised by how people meet, and not everyone knows the little “love stories” behind them. If you take a chance to listen, you may pleasantly surprised.

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