Things that get under our skin

Are your complaints about BHS common or, are these things you personally hate. After questioning students these were the most common. So is your pet peeve on the list?

1. Non- Plowed parking lot.

2. People walking on the wrong side of the hallway

3.Hallway snapchatters

4.Slow walkers

5.Screaming and being obnoxious in the hallways

6.Chewing really loud

7. Making out in the middle of the hallway.

8. Speeding in the parking lot.

9. See-through back shirts with just a bra.

10. Crop tops in the middle of winter

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Michaella Magaard

You miss 100% shots that you don't take- Wayne Gretsky Great moments are born from great Opportunity- Herb brooks

Morgan Doimer

Well... Nothing interesting here. Carry on.

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