The Hidden Community of The Practice Rooms

Can rooms help build skills and a sense of community?

Almost all student musicians use the practice rooms, whether it’s for private lessons during class, open practice during base, or sneaking in some extra reps after school before a big performance.

“It’s really nice to have an enclosed space where it’s okay to make mistakes and work problems out yourself on your own time, without worrying about bothering your family with loud instrument playing,” says Lexi Zheng ‘24. “Personally, I don’t use practice rooms for practicing band music, because we rehearse 5 days a week. I practice for piano recitals and exams, and I get stressed about those. Usually, I spend 20 minutes one-three times a week in the practice rooms.”

All musicians, even professionals, have to practice. These rooms provide so many opportunities for all aspiring musicians of BHS. Students can practice independently or with others; a few simply sit outside and catch up on schoolwork while listening to the overlapping music around them.

“I do my homework outside the practice rooms because I like the environment in the band area. There’s always someone that can help me with my work if I get stuck, and someone to talk to when I’m done,” says Gaia Deyoung ‘25.

There is an overwhelming sense of community throughout the entire music department, the practice rooms play a very important role in creating that environment. Students from different musical backgrounds can get together and make music together even just for a base time.

“Normally in my practice room during base, there are 3-8 people playing trombones, clarinets, flutes saxophone, or even piano. Occasionally there are a few people doing homework in the corner and listening to us practice,” says Jayde Hallman ‘25.

As students get more involved with their instrument and become more serious about their playing, practicing plays a more prominent and important role. Practice rooms provide an easy opportunity for practicing without the hassle of fitting it into your life outside of school.

“I love the practice rooms, it’s where I spend the majority of my practice time,” says Ethan Jacobson ‘24. “I wish I could use them more, as I’ve been busy with school work lately, but last year I was in them most days after school.”

The BHS practice rooms connect everyone in the music department while providing a safe space for students to evolve their skills and improve as musicians. They are a home base for many music students. Even those who aren’t actively practicing can find a home in practice rooms where their friends are practicing, or just outside them.

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