The 2021 Sounds of the Season Choir Concert is Almost Here

The Sounds of the Season choir concert is coming up fast.

The Sounds of the Season concert is up and coming taking place on Thursday the 16th and Friday the 17th. The concert will feature a total of 5 major choir ensembles along with 5 other combinations of those ensembles. There will also be additions of (other instrumental things). On Thursday, the Freshman Choir (9th graders) will be performing while the Varsity Choir (10th, and some 11th and 12th graders) will not be. On Friday these groups will be flipped, with the Varsity Choir performing and the Freshman Choir not.

This concert is regarded by some as the biggest and best music concert of the school year. With 17 songs planned to be sung each night, a total of 10 separate groups singing, and multiple instrumentalists performing, the event is sure a sight to behold. Tickets can be purchased online (Thursday 12-16-21 – Friday 12-17-21) for $4 with very few tickets being sold at the school the night(s) of.

The Sounds of the Season concert is surely a sight to behold and is surely worth going to see. So if your Thursday or Friday night isn’t too busy, head on down to the BHS Performing Arts Center performance and support our local musicians. The doors open at 7:00 and carols will be sung outside the PAC before the event.

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