“Tell us a Little Bit About Yourself.”

“Tell us a little bit about yourself.” This is a saying that Buffalo High School students are becoming more and more familiar with as we approach the Summer work season. Spring weather is slowly but surely making its way towards Buffalo. The grass is peaking out through the ever so familiar snowbanks, reminding us of the summer that’s soon to come. As the end of the school year nears, many students scramble to land one of the few available jobs for the summer to keep them busy.

“I got a job at Medina Country Club as a Lifeguard this summer,” said Junior Jerame Scheutzle. “I’ll be getting paid to sit in a chair all day and stare at some rich women.”

Even though many students find that balancing one job, schoolwork, and–sometimes–sports to be more than enough, sometimes one job isn’t enough. This seems to be the case for Junior Madi Denardo, who can’t seem to get enough hours in at the Albertville Mall.

“I have three jobs right now,” said Denardo “But we’ll see if it gets to be too much.”

Denardo is currently employed at Fossil, Polo Ralph Lauren, and most recently Buckle.

Though it seems as if job opportunities are plentiful this time of year, spots are filling quickly and applications are getting turned in, fast. Job openings are becoming more and more scarce as we near the next few months and certain openings may not be available in the near future.

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