Tatanka Times vs. The Hoofprint

During 2000-2002, a school newspaper did not exist here. As a new school year began, the newspaper came back with a brand new title. A school wide contest was held for the new name. The winner would receive a Palm Pilot.

“Even though I was on the editorial staff I wanted to be the one who came up with the new name. So when I went home I got out a sheet of paper and started listing all of the names that I could think of,” said 2005 graduate Jonathan Coward.

“I remember all of them being terrible. I decided to bring the name contest up to my mom, she always enjoys projects like that and it created a scenario for classic family competition. None of the ones we had come up with were “the one” until my mom said something with the word “hoof” in it. My mind clicked and out of my mouth came “The Hoofprint”, and that was it.”

Dozens of entries were sent in. When it came down to the voting Tatanka Times won by a point.

The newspaper staff threw out Tatanka Times as the winner, The Hoofprint was just a better fit for the paper. Now as the official name it has lasted one decade already.

“I have never felt good about a contest before but from the second that name fell from my lips I felt like it was just meant to be. I have always enjoyed the simplicity and the meanings implied,” said Coward.

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Taylor Susa

I have been in swimming for eight years and I love to write. I am one of four features editors for the Hoofprint.

Kylee Zumach

I'm kind of a tall person

Jessica Faust

I've been in dance for 8 years, and I like cats.

Jay Mason

I like longboarding, sweaters and other things.

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