Sick or Just Playing Hooky?

We’ve all been there. We didn’t get the “doctor recomended” 8 hours of sleep the night before, we are bored in class, or we decide to take a mental health day. Playing hookie: nurses office edition. But are the nurses on to us? Mrs.Brainard gives us the inside scoop on what she sees day in day out.

“Body language. The eyes give everything away” Brainard explains.

“I have to take every child’s word for what it is. It’s not up to me to say whether or not they are faking. But when I see the same kids everyday, I get suspicious,” Brainard said laughingly .

The first step Brainard takes when students come in “sick” is take their temperature, and let them take a short rest.

“We have snores in here everyday!” Brainard said with a chuckle.

After their brief 15 minute rest, she visits with that student and determines whether or not they should get more rest at home.

In the past, students have called home using their personal devices, while a friend was on the other end giving them false permission to leave school.

“Now I look up the parents’ number on the Portal and call them myself,”

Kids have been ‘cheating the system’ for years, and Mrs. Brainard has been doing her best to recognize the fakers while treating every student equally. Ill or not.

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