Finished Paper = Delicious Cookies

CIS Writing students enjoy hard earned cookies after finishing their Trend Papers

The school bell rings and the tired seniors in CIS Writing line up to hand in their final essay of the year, the Trend Paper. After weeks of work, English Teacher Peter Sommers’ students have finished the essay they have been working on for six weeks.

As they turn in their final work they, grab a couple of cookies Sommers brought for the as a treat.

“Mr. Sommers knows we’re working our asses off and it’s just kind of a way of recognizing that I think,” one student commented.

She, like most students in this class, has spent long days and even longer nights annotating, researching, and revising a trend analysis paper for six weeks.

“It’s a good way to keep morale up,” Senior Amelia Anderson said, “and sometimes you just need a cookie after writing a ten-page paper.”

Although these cookies might seem like a small thing in the grand scheme of things, the fact that  Sommers cares enough to reward his students for simply turning in their paper brings a smile to the students’ faces.

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