Shaping Up for Spring

As the long, dreadfully cold winter wraps up and the thaw begins spring sports start to ramp up. For many the season begins well before the sports officially start. We asked a handful of BHS athletes how they keep in shape during the off season.


“I set up a workout for each day of the week to prepare,” said Senior Kailee Steen, “I tried increasing the intensity every week. To succeed and reach my goals, I have to rely on discipline more than natural talent.”

“I run a couple weeks before the sport starts,” said Junior Blaze Solberg, “so then I am sort of in shape for track and field.”

“I have been in two gym classes both coached by Karn,” said Senior Katie Glen, “I also workout after school with some underclassmen trying to help them get into the swing of how track will be. Not only is physically preparing for the sport important, but the mind frame of an athlete needs to always be improved upon as well. For me, I like to look at inspirational messages and people’s success stories to give me a boost when I need it.”

Softball and Baseball:

“I am in karate,” said Sophomore Colin Block, “it helps with footwork and agility.”

“I do dance in the winter,” said Sophomore Hailey Moser, “that is my way of staying in shape for softball, mentally and physically.”

“Personal lessons once a week,” said Senior baseball player Mitchell Annis, “also I practice 3 times a week, and weight lifting/cardio 5 days a week.”

“I am a pitcher,” said Junior Payton Speckel, “so i have been practicing different kinds of pitches in the off season but since i play a winter sport i sneak in pitching practice 2-3 times a week.”

“I hit and throw,” said Senior  Nolan Triden, “and stay in shape by playing intramural sports.”


“I run,” said Sophomore MacKinsey Witte, “and toss the ball around.”

 “I’m basically trying to understand the game and the rules,” said Senior Christina Aliu Carrascosa, “we don’t have lacrosse back in Europe and I’ve never played it before. It’s going to be an interesting season.”

Boys Tennis:

“During the winter there are a lot of USTA leagues so every other weekend I will go to the cities and play a couple matches,” said Junior Sean Harnois. “Every Tuesday and Wednesday we are able to reserve some of the BAC so we can set up the nets and play tennis. The Daytona Golf club by Elk River has indoor courts and they host drills and mixers and I have gone to a couple of those.”

“I do some running and body weight exercises,” said Sophomore Drew Borgerding, “but I usually let gym class and the tennis season get me into shape.”

Picture By Megan Metz

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