With spring, comes prom. Some students at BHS have been frantically searching for dates, while others are pondering how they will ask their significant other. The boys of BHS have set the bar high. From simple and sweet promposals, to big and extravagant, Each way is special.

“I made a parking ticket (that said ‘Prom”) and put it under her windshield.” said Junior David Glen

 While some kept it sweet and simple, others had a certain charm.

“I made a sign out of glowsticks and the glowsticks said prom, and I put it in her room and when she got back from vacation it was there.” said Junior Jake Lynch.

“It was romantic as hell.” Said Jake lynch’s prom date, Junior Katherine Martin.

Everybody hopes that their prom proposal goes as planned, but for some, It doesn’t always work out.

“I went to applebees and they had a brownie drizzle thing, So I had syrup decorated on all the sides and on the inside it said ‘PROM’. She didn’t realize it so by the time she read it, the P sunk down to a D, and the O turned into a U and it said ‘DRUM’.” Said Junior Joey Durr

Junior Dan Werner had the same Idea, but a different outcome.

“I went to Applebees and had them write ‘PROM’ with the syrup when we ordered the dessert, and when it came out it just said ‘PROM’ on the plate and it was awesome. I thought it was clever.” Said Werner.

Photo taken by Tiah Marr.

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