Passion Series: Scott Welch

Playing an instrument at a competitive level requires hours upon hours of continual practice and learning experience. After playing the trumpet in fifth grade, Senior Scott Welch began to learn and experiment with music at a level above the average high school musician; he is able to play a variety of brass instruments.

“I started playing trumpet in fifth grade. I switched to euphonium in freshman year and decided to do Jazz Band. I started sophomore year on the euphonium and decided I’d switch to trombone then I started playing trumpet [again] and it just took off,” explained Welch.

Despite his current passion for music, Welch hasn’t always loved music.

“Going into freshman year, I absolutely did not want to be in band at all, partly because I hated the trumpet, now I think it’s one of the greatest instruments ever.”

After rekindling his enjoyment for music by finding the euphonium, Welch began put more and more time and effort into being a successful musician.

“I usually practice an hour or two a day. Whether it is just sitting at the keyboard learning music theory or just messing around with a saxophone. It requires a definite amount of commitment,” explained Welch. “I’m always kind of a competitive person, I always wanted to be the best person in the section or the best person in the band, and working hard in the classroom led to working hard out of the classroom which led to being in All-State groups and honor bands. Participation feels great no matter which group you are performing with. everything I’ve been in, every program, every piece of paper [is kept at his house].”

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