“Oh You Very Big Man, Very Strong, Big Arm”

The bus ride home was bittersweet for the band, choir, and orchestra students after spending 4 days in New York. They were leaving behind a huge city and unique experiences. While there, they performed in a 7-state musical competition, where there was an overall feeling of satisfaction. Both the band and orchestra placed first in their division and the choir placed second.

“I was really excited, and I wanted to see how proud Mr. Rabehl was because we had worked so hard to get where we were,” said senior band participant Kelsey Cox.

Along with all of their hard work the students also got the chance to enjoy the city. A few lucky students even got the chance to meet Corbin Bleu after watching him perform in the play “Godspell”. An overall favorite of the trip was visiting Chinatown where they got to experience a whole different lifestyle of Asian cuisine and culture.

“My favorite part of the trip,” said Junior Ian Warpula. “Was when we were in a shop in Chinatown and a woman grabbed my arm and said, ‘Oh you very big man, very strong, big arm!’ And all I said was thank you.”

Tired and exhausted, the students arrived in Buffalo at about 7 o’clock on Monday night after a 24 hour bus ride. Although there was tension in air on their final bus ride, everyone agreed this was a trip worth remembering.

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