Not Your Typical Snow Day Activity

While heavy snowfall in the evening on a school night may get most students looking forward to the cancellation of school, Seniors Jordon Carlson, Mikey Otten, Jack Flesher, and Casey Anderson look forward to the opportunity to make some money, shoveling snow through the night.

“I like doing it, and it’s good money, but it’s very unpredictable because you can’t exactly rely on the weather,” said Carlson.

Carlson got this ‘gig’ from his employer during the summer, where he does landscaping and construction work. He enjoys shoveling in the Winter to try and make some extra cash when he can. On our most recent snowstorm that fell in late February, these determined Seniors took to the streets and sidewalks of Buffalo all throughout the night, in the cold, the snow, and the sleet.

“I got home from work at about 7:45 [p.m.], and the only thing I did was grab some warm clothes and a shovel to head out for the night,” said Flesher. “It wasn’t until ten [a.m.] that I got home.”

“It can be a busy schedule,” said Flesher jokingly.

“We started at about Eight at night, went until Three in the morning, took a short ‘nap’ and started up again at Six [A.M.]. By the time I got home it was about Ten o’clock,” said Carlson

“And I was exhausted.”

However, with these Seniors graduating soon, spots may open up. So if you have a good work ethic and the ability to shift your schedule around, talk to one of these guys, and maybe you too could be shoveling the streets of Buffalo. Either this Winter or the next.

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Maverick Flesher

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

Reed Morehouse

Sex: M Height: 5-7 Weight: 140 Eyes: BRN Avid equation solver Chopsticks > silverware Personal Heroes: Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Hideki Matsui, Ichiro Suzuki, John Cho, Ken Jeong, and Sung Kang

Casey Anderson

"Take your tank top and Tonka truck and kick rocks" I like to watch romantic movies and take long bubble baths with scented candles! I like to walk on the beach and take long spa days with the girls!

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