Most impactful senior prank

Lining up along the entryway of the front parking lot, seniors from all different groups of friends came together to show their love and appreciation for the Buffalo High School staff. Making sure to be there for the earliest staff arrivals, students rallied together at around 5:30 that morning to cheer on the teachers as they drove in.

“I knew the whole senior class loves the staff here,” said Senior Emily Devore. “We have a really good group of kids. I thought it would be nice if we all did something positive and impacting as a class instead of negative, like a senior prank.”

Senior Michael Swearingen created a Facebook event to get the word out about the teacher appreciation rally. Only seniors were invited to the group and asked to keep it on the down low making sure staff members wouldn’t find out.

“I just invited as many seniors as I could,” said Swearingen. “It would be cool if the whole school could have came, but I thought it would be important that the seniors just did it together. And by doing it as a senior class, we are hopefully setting a positive tradition.”

“I think we should do it next year,” said Junior Brittany Kanduth. “These teachers have taught us for four years, and they are a big part of what we want to do with our future. I think it was really respectful and meaningful.”

After teachers were cheered on coming into the parking lot, they were also surprised with a thank you poster and breakfast food in the teacher’s lounge.

“It made me cry,” said English teacher Denise Wahlin-Fiskum. “The coolest thing was there were so many different kids from different groups. There was a lot of kids there that you would have expected to be there, and then some that you were like ‘really?’ It was so cool to see them there. It’s crazy how something that little can make me cry.”

After the event took place, English teacher Vicki Cary wrote a blog titled The Power of “Thank You” which included Facebook status’ from different staff members expressing how grateful they were to teach at Buffalo High School and work with such awesome students.

One of the shared Facebook status’ on the blog was Spanish teacher Nancy Eiynck’s.

“The BHS staff was greeted this morning by a large group of students holding thank you signs upon entering the parking lot, followed with treats in the staff workroom and crowns for the teachers. Wow…so blessed to work with such wonderful kids! When I said “thank you” to one of the students, her reply was “No, thank YOU.” These kids are ready to make a difference in the world!!! :)”

Cary made a comment in her blog that truly shows the strong relationships between the BHS staff and students.

“It was a spontaneous prank of the best kind–a way to give back to teachers who had impacted them.”

 Story By Bailey Hanson & Maddi Herzfeld

Photos By Sandra Goers & Maddi Herzfeld

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