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Match the Hoofprint staff to their Favorite Candies

Halloween is officially here, and the Hoofprint staff is excited to sample their favorite sweets! Use the hints to match our staff to their favorite candies.

Staff to guess from: Amelia Butler, Lexi Zheng, Greta Winger, Sirena Rygiel, Emmerson Breyer

1.) This writer is starburst-ing with joy to be on the staff this year! Their favorite candy, starbursts are sweet just like them. This writer is a junior and is involved in yearbook as well as Hoofprint.

2.) This writer has a sweet spot for sour patch watermelons! They’re a senior and their favorite subject is science, but especially forensic science. You can catch them doodling all day!

3.) This writer jumps for joy for almond joys! They are a cat person who just can’t pick a favorite subject

4.) This writer just wants more and more m&m’s! They’re a sophomore and you can find this writer behind the scenes of BHS theater productions working on the tech crew.

5.)This writer loves breaks and they love KitKats. They have no shortage of holiday cheer, in fact they’re the only ones in their family who enjoy the holiday season!

BONUS: This staff member is in pieces over Reese’s white chocolate pumpkins. They hide a Garfield plushie all over their room!


Answer Key:

1.) Lexi Zheng

2.) Amelia Butler

3.) Sirena Rygiel

4.) Greta Winger

5.) Emmerson Breyer

BONUS: Mr. McCallum

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Amelia Butler

lil but artsy, lil bit athletic, and a lil bit of a nerd.

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