Is MCIS Accurate? Take this quiz!

MCIS is an online tool used during advisory to help students discover future careers. Students take a questionnaire describing their interest in certain jobs, what their hobbies are, and their pastimes. MCIS uses these answers to recommend careers that match their interests.  But just how accurate is it? Take this quiz to find out! Each question involves a real story from inside BHS. Using the same information about students’ interests that they filled out in the questionnaires, guess what MCIS chose as their career!


#1. Ven Estrada is interested in wildlife biology, particularly birds. They want to be an ornithologist (a person who studies birds), and they prefer a more hands-off approach. What did MCIS predict as their career?

#2. Hannah Grack wants to help children with disabilities by being an adaptive PE teacher. Hannah wants to be hands-on with that process. What would MCIS suggest?

#3. Noah Leimer is fascinated with sports, such as tennis and soccer — both of which he plays. Noah wants to be a sports commentator and he enjoys working with people. What did MCIS predict?

#4. Margaret Greenhagen wants to help people by being a pharmacist. She doesn't like blood but still wants to be hands-on in helping people that are sick. What did MCIS suggest?

#5. Ella Kragerud wants to help people with disabilities. Ella wants to be a speech pathologist in order to help kids with speaking disabilities such as lisps, or learning disabilities. What did MCIS suggest?

#6. Josh Lehtola is interested in robotics and computer science. Josh wants to be a roboticist. He likes toying with logic. What did MCIS predict?

#7. Gavin Anfinson is fascinated with computer science and flying. He is great with math and wants to be either a pilot or a mathematician. What does MCIS think is going to be his job?

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