Indie Earth — The Gem Of Downtown Buffalo

A closer look inside Buffalo's trendiest shop

From music-listening nights to plant fertilizer, this one-stop shop seems to have something for everyone. First introduced to downtown Buffalo a year ago, the name Indie Earth is now familiar to many BHS students.  Plants, music, and crystals aren’t the only thing that makes Indie Earth such a popular spot for young people. Indie Earth is also known for its understanding and accepting culture.

After living in Buffalo for five years, Indie Earth CEO Aleah Tucker noticed that Buffalo both needed and wanted a more inclusive space that gave younger people more things to do. She noted that “people in the community have been very nice about [this space] for the most part, and that’s been really exciting.”

Music listening can often be a closed-off world, but Indie Earth found a way to appreciate the perspectives of beginners while also giving experts and avid fans a place to share their knowledge and experiences. 

Tucker explained that the wide variety of merchandise found in her store represents her various hobbies and professional interests.

“I am an audio engineer by trade,” Tucker said, “so I wanted a place that, just, more aligned with what I wanted to do in my future. … We didn’t have a plant shop in Buffalo, we didn’t have a record shop in Buffalo, I would like both. So, I just did it myself, and now here we are.”

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The mixing of plant and record shop aesthetics is also hinted at in the name of the store itself.

“The ‘Indie’ refers to [the fact that] this is an independently owned record store,” Tucker said.

While small businesses are not new to downtown Buffalo, they are a big deal in the record world. Artists like to support these businesses by giving them access to exclusive merchandise like early releases of albums, or bonus songs you can’t find anywhere else. Indie also has a more personal meaning, as Tucker mostly works with indie artists.

“[Indie Earth is] part record shop, part plant shop, and then after hours, we’re a recording studio.” The main record room is fit with soundproofing that doubles as a listening and recording space for artists.

The use of the Earth and globes in the company’s marketing includes a double meaning as well. Not only is the shop eco-friendly, but to Tucker, “the two most important things on Earth are life — plants, and music”.

Tucker said that plants represent life, and music fuels life for many.

Olivia Telecky |

While plants are a visual focal point for the store, the cultural focal point comes from the music — specifically the music-listening nights.

“We do [music listening nights] all the time,” Tucker said. “Sometimes there’s snacks, there’s always some pins and merch. We really just get together. . .  We play the album really loudly and it’s a really fun time.” These nights are perfect for anyone who wants to celebrate or discuss an artist that is important to them — sometimes in costume. “It’s kind of like a book club, but music,” Tucker said. 

These nights show off Indie Earth’s true purpose which is, according to Tucker, “To create a space where people can come in and talk about the music they love, and experience the music they love, in an environment that’s not going to judge them for it.”

For updates on future listening nights or special merch launches, check out @indie_earth_ on Instagram.

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Olivia Telecky

Olivia (Livi) Telecky is a Senior at Buffalo High School and full time PSEO student at the University of Northwestern Saint Paul. In the future, she plans on studying abroad in Ireland and majoring in Political Sciences and Creative Writing.

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