Highs and Lows of 2012-2013

The school year at BHS for 2012 through 2013 was filled with many surprises, some better than others.  Students everywhere experienced new ups and downs in their lives and are taking time to reflect on their year.

The weather was one thing that definitely had all the students riled up, including Junior Breanda Bursheim.

“My high was having 4 snow days this year, and my low was all the crappy weather that made the spring sports season stink,” said Bursheim.

Some students found their year to be filled with some pretty crazy, spontaneous moments.

“My high was finding out that i am one of the editors in chief for next year’s yearbook. My low would be spraining my foot on spring break,” said Junior Emma Rodelius.

Other people, like Junior Danielle Odeen, fell in love this past year and reminisced about the great or terrible times she had with her significant others.

“My high was making things official with Collin Olmscheid, and my low was having my first real fight with one of my best friends. The year came with a ton of ups and downs,” said Odeen.

Finally, a student looked back on specific days during the year that made an impact on him. From the first few days of school to the last, many have those moments that leave a lasting impression.

“My high was senior skip day, I got with some friends, and we chilled and played games the whole day.  My low was the first day of school. It was incredibly humid, and the school didn’t turn on the air conditioning. It was super groggy,” said senior Devon Bainey.

With that, the school year at BHS has now officially been wrapped up.

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