Freshman Antonio Bluiett’s dedication leads to starting spot for Varsity Basketball

Bluiett was the Bison's only freshman starter

Antonio Bluiett, Buffalo High School Freshman, is a very hardworking and competitive player, who currently starts on the Boys Varsity Basketball Team. He has brought defensive energy to the team and consistently been one of the team’s five starters.

From the very beginning of the season, freshman Antonio Bluiett has shown hard work and competitiveness on the basketball court. He worked hard in his off season to improve his skills and earn his spot on varsity for his freshman season.

Antonio Bluiett Alana Hartman

During tryouts he was noticed right away for “how competitive he is, he is probably the most competitive person in this school” said Mr. Ortmann.

Having a freshman starter on a varsity team is uncommon, but not unprecedented. The Boys Basketball team coaches don’t label any kids based on their grade.

“We [the coaches] just put the ones [athletes] out that will give us the best chance of winning” said Head Coach Josh Ortmann.

Antonio has adjusted to playing on varsity extremely well, and the team has been very welcoming to him. He enjoys being apart of the varsity team, and fits in well. The team has the common goal of winning, and Antonio’s competitive mindset has helped him establish a strong bond with his teammates.

“He goes hard all the time on the court, and wants to win. He is a great teammate to have” said junior Brandon Maatz. 

Being on varsity comes with a high amount of pressure on the court. Antonio has done an amazing job on adjusting to this pressure and playing to his full potential on the court. The big crowds that attend the games can be very exciting and motivating.

His favorite thing about being on varsity basketball is “playing in front of the big crowds” said Antonio.

He has made a great impact on this team, by leading on the defensive end and bringing energy to the court.

“He has brought great defensive energy this year” said Coach Ortmann

Antonio has continuously worked hard to improve during the season, and is working on improving his offensive play. He has done a great job of learning and developing further skills in the point guard position.

This season has been an exceptional experience for Antonio. He has led the Boys Basketball team on the defensive end, and brought enormous energy to the court. With continued growth and confidence, he could have a huge impact on the team through leadership.

Photo by Alana Hartman, Tatanka Yearbook

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