FACS Teacher Julie Mundahl Receives New Achiever Award

Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Julie Mundahl received the Minnesota New Achievers award of 2011. She believes one of the reasons she was found deserving was because of her effort to involve parents with their children’s education.

“I think research shows that the more involved a parent is in their child’s education, the more successful the child does. Parent involvement is proven to make a difference.” said Mundahl. “I was able to get funding for this project through the school board. Teachers can apply to get small grants of $300 for a project they’re working on.”

A new class started by Mundahl, called Personal Financial Management is another reason she believes she won the award. A project within the class called ‘My Life at 25’ teaches the students how to manage their personal finances.

“Students have told me Personal Financial Management is one of the best classes they’ve ever taken throughout high school, because they can really use it in the real world.” said Mundahl. “There’s so much I can learn to bring to my classroom. I always want to be improving myself and my teaching.”

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