BHS’ Top 5 Summer Destinations

BHS students are making their mark on the globe this summer. Students are traveling across the ocean to Europe and South America, and exploring what western America has to offer. This summer, a large number of students will get the opportunity to travel and add unforgettable memories and experiences to their life.

1. Peru

Peru is a small country located on the Pacific Coast of South America. It offers a variety of landscapes and cultural experiences including the Andes Mountain Range, beaches, and of course, it was once home to many indigenous groups including the most well known, Incas.

“I’m going to Lima, Peru, I’m excited to experience somewhere completely different from anywhere I’ve ever been,” said Junior Emma Maxson.

2. Alaskan Cruise

Alaska is not a state many American’s ever live in or visit. Despite Alaska’s massive size, according to the US Census Bureau, there are only 736,732 residents.

“I’m going on a Carnival cruise ship, We are stopping at 3 Alaskan cities and at Victoria, Canada,”said Junior Abby Munsterteiger.

3. Spain Trip

Every other year, the BHS Spanish Department takes a trip to a location with vast Spanish heritage. This summer, the department is headed to Spain, including its capital, Madrid.

“I’m nervous and excited to meet my two different host families,” said Junior Catie Purcell.

4. Colorado

When the Rocky Mountain range in Colorado isn’t completely covered in snow during the summer months, the state continues to utilize the natural beauty of the state. The summer months bring a time of water activities and tours of the mountains by horseback, ATV’s, and gondolas.

“I am eager to visit my dream college, Colorado State,” said Junior Hannah Anderson.

5. California

California has always been known as a getaway destination for Americans. It holds the second most populous city in America, Los Angeles. California’s location on the Pacific West Coast allows the summer months to be filled with good surf, and an endless abundance of beaches.

“I’m really excited to go see my family down there, and visit places I’ve never seen before,” Junior Paige Dalbec.

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