Counting down to Spring Break

With spring break coming up and students eagerly waiting for the end of third quarter the stress is settling in. Some students are graduating early. Some are stressing they have one more quarter left. Spring break always seems to be a good separator for these finals days.

Many students have spring break planned months before it even comes up! This is the big week for some. Where to go this year? Florida, South Padre, Mexico, Arizona?

Senior Madi Reitz is going to Orlando, Florida with her friend Chelsey Henson.  The Henson family own’s a time share in Orlando and go there every year.

“I am most looking forward to the stress relief and laying on the beach.” Said Reitz

Senior Cassie Bunkers is going to Playa Del Carmen Mexico with her family members, her mom, dad, and sister.

Bunkers said, “I am excited to just lay on the beach instead of this negative 23 degree below weather, and having my phone turned off to escape from reality.”

Some students are just staying home. Either working a few hours, maybe spending time with family and just relaxing in their own bed, sounds like a great break to them.

The beach seems to be what most students look forward to. It is soothing and relaxing for those who have been stressing about scholarships, college, ending high school and what the future is going to hold.

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