Could a Relationship Change Anything?

About half of high schools are in a relationship. But do really need to be in a relationship in high school to be happy?

Senior Kellie Robinson says, “No you don’t need to be in a relationship as long as you have friends and family, and if you have really good friends, you don’t need a relationship as long as your happy.

Cause you have and outlook on life, if your happy with friends and everything around you then you don’t need one. Says, Senior John Newman.

Relationships can be hard to keep in high school. You have to juggle school work and after school sports and activities, and if you have a job it can be very difficult to keep a relationship healthy.

Senior Logan Gruber says, Yes and no. No because you have friends that make you happy and you don’t need one. And yes because it’s nice to have that one person who is always there for you.

Jack penny: also said “why are you in a relationship if you’re unhappy, if your said and that one person is bringing you down that’s not healthy.”

Hearing from these students, you don’t need a relationship to be happy. You already have people who make you happy. Look at life, be happy.

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