Collin Svoboda: A Local Hero

Junior Collin Svoboda became a local hero last week on May 13, after saving an elderly woman’s life. The accident occurred on the intersection of 40th Street NE and Edmonson Ave NE when Svoboda was preparing to merge onto Edmonson Avenue behind a semi-truck. However another car was closely following the semi which Svoboda was unaware of. In reaction to Collin pulling out in front of her; she took evasive action to avoid collision, plummeting into Pelican Lake.

“I was in disbelief after I saw her car go into the lake,” said Svoboda. “I thought my life was over.”

Svoboda was with his friend, and only passenger, Junior Matt Minor. Minor, in utter terror after the accident occurred, was frozen in place.

“I thought we were screwed,” said Minor. “I honestly had no idea what to do, it all happened so quickly.”

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Svoboda slammed on his breaks, jumped out of the car, and dove into the frigid water without hesitation. Arriving at her car, Svoboda tried his best to pry the driver’s door open, but the water pressure slammed the door shut upon his fingers–badly bruising multiple bones in his hand– just as he opened it. Realizing it was time for a new plan, he swam back to shore where he grabbed a rock, and used it to crack the window. He then was able to jam his fingers inside the little opening that was there, and pull the window out, shattering the entire pane of glass–yet again cutting up his hands– just as the car was almost fully submerged. They swam back to shore where they awaited the arrival of the ambulance that a bystander had telephoned in for.

“I was acting purely on instinct,” said Svoboda. ”The adrenaline pretty much took over, and I didn’t even process the whole thing until it was all over. I was hardly able to use the clutch in my car properly on the way home, because of how bad I was shaking.”

Despite the unfortunate event that had taken place, no one–other than Svoboda’s hands– were injured.

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