Buffalo High School Goes On Air

Buffalo High School students will be joining up with KRWC 1360 A.M. to discuss a wide variety of topics that relate to the school or just the community in general from a viewpoint of a student. The students will be from Mr.McCallums Journalism 2 class. They will be starting to put parts together for the show which will be estimated to start this coming Sunday. This all got started with Senior Tiah Marr.

“I was overnight nannying, and I was sitting in the kitchen thinking about my future and this is something I might want to do. It seems like a great way to learn,” said Marr. “I emailed Joe (KRWC) that night and he said ‘lets do it, come meet with me,’ and so I went and talked to him. It went really well.”

Marr came into her Journalism 2 class the following Monday and announced to the class about the opportunity, and asking if any fellow writers would like to join her on the air.

“I was nervous that nobody would want to do it but they did and it made me really happy that buffalo has people like that, that are willing to put themselves out there,” said Marr. “My goal is just to give the opportunity to learn to buffalo students. Our school is so good with Journalism it would be cool to expand that and create something that hopefully will carry on to future classes.”

One student joining Marr has prior experience with KWRC during a hockey game and is excited to try it again.

“I love the idea, I think its going to be fun,” said Senior Casey Anderson. “I have talked on the radio before and it was super fun so im excited to do it again.”

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