Boobs, Sperm, and Grades: What is BHS talking about at lunch?

With the wide variety of students and activities at BHS, it can be hard to grasp what is really being discussed between different groups of people during the lunch period. With over 55 tables in the cafeteria, it might just be easier to find a single table and group of people to sit with at lunch every day, but what are the other tables talking about? Over the past week, reporters from The Hoofprint asked random lunch tables what they were talking about. This is what they found.

1. Failing Required Classes

“I’m failing American Experience because I forgot to hand in a worksheet.” said one girl. “He doesn’t put in missing, he puts in 0’s.”

Her friend then added, “This makes it more urgent to get it done”.

2. The Uterus VS. the Brain

“Women aren’t afraid of each other because we have uteruses and we connect via uterus. We have less of a chance of killing each other,” said one girl.

Her guy friend then added, “Guys punch each other because we want to.”

3. Wrong Boob Shape?

“We were at Victoria’s Secret one time, and this lady came up to us and started asking us about her breast tissue, and started complaining about how she didn’t have enough underneath, and that she had too much on the side, and that she needed to have a certain style bra,” one girl explained.

4. Car Accidents, the talk of the town?

“I walked into French class and people were like ‘some people are going to be late, there was an accident (at the 4-way stop on the morning of 2/10/15)’ but it was only old people though so it’s okay,” one girl explained.

She later added, “I take the back-roads. I  try to avoid that spot.”

Her  friend then said, “It didn’t surprise me. I kind of saw it happening. I think [the location of the 4-way stop] is kind of inefficient where they have it right now.”

5. 2 Trillion Sperm

“In AP Bio, there was a video about meiosis,” said one girl.

Her friend added, “The video about meiosis and sex and [they were] talking about how sperm were really weird. The average male makes like 2 trillion sperm a year. We could fertilize the world with it.  Like if every man died, we could use one mans sperm forever.”

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