Students prepare to celebrate the end of the year at the Bison Field Festival

From "Guida Says" to What's the Scoop?, Student Council plans something for everyone

Top Gun Maverick, ice cream trucks, and “Guida Says”. The only other question you should ask besides “What?” is “Where?”

The school year is coming to an end, but Student Council is hosting a large event tomorrow, the Bison Field Festival, where students of all ages can come out and hang out this Friday, June 2nd.

‘’The Bison Field Festival is where people get together on the football field and they hang out and play games. All high school boys and girls are invited,” Cecily Holmberg ’25 said. “A lot of effort went into this, surprisingly, a lot of effort trying to find chaperones food trucks, figuring out games, movies, all that.”

This event will have the movie Top Gun Maverick playing on a screen out on the turf accompanied by yard games, food, ice cream trucks, and a version of “Simon Says” led by our Activities Director, Nick Guida.

Finding a chaperone is required for any school event that is hosted here in Buffalo. The chaperones are teachers who volunteer. To find volunteers, Student Council has to go around and ask the teacher if they are willing to chaperone.

25 student council members worked together to find chaperones and put together entertainment that will pay off for the festival coming near. It is a time to have fun with friends after school and relax and enjoy a Friday night.

“I would recommend going because it will be super fun and we put a lot of work into it,” Holmberg said. “It’s been a while since we have had a bison field festival, so I think that students will be happy they get to end the school year with something fun.”

The festival is this Friday, June 2nd. The event starts at 6 pm but doesn’t have a set end time. The cost to enter is $10 per person.

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