BHS’s Upcoming One-Act “Alice in Wonderland”

BHS doesn’t stray away from theatre. And anyone can see that.

Year after year, BHS performs outstanding and phenomenal productions. From lighthearted and appealing to dramatic and gloomy, BHS has done it all and can do it all.

But not only theatre helps build self-confidence and build trustful friendships, theatre also provides a fun and entertaining experience for students to take on a new role and be as big, expressive, and, obviously, LOUD as they want.

“I love playing different characters,” said Junior Kylie Cox. “I love embodying different roles and really figuring out what makes a person do a bunch of crazy things on stage, like my character did in Into the Woods.”

BHS’s take on “Into the Woods” had ended on a beautiful note, thanks to the talented directors, music composers, backstage crew, and the actors such as Cox. While those are left sad by the last curtain call of the musical fantasy, another fun adventure is being brought to the spotlight.

One-Act has just begun, and this year’s show will be the story of a  wildly-curious young girl and her journey through a kooky, colorful place filled with eccentric characters. You guessed it: “Alice in Wonderland”. 

“It will be interesting to do Alice in Wonderland,” said Sophomore Neve Elo. “And, personally, I’m excited for it. I think it will be a fun experience.”

The One-Act Play is a competitive MSHSL activity. No more than 20 students are allowed to be involved. Auditions were just held Tuesday, November 30, and Wednesday, December 1. Callbacks have been posted on the BHS Theatre website. Needless to say, the show is already on its way to production.

“It’s just a lot of fun,” says Kadin Anderson, a sophomore. “You get to meet a great community. I’ve made so many new friends through theatre.” 

While we countdown the days for this astounding act to hit the stage, I will be counting down how many theatre-related jokes I can come up with, but it’d really just be a bunch of play on words.

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