BHS Students Answer the Inevitable Question

The question has both burdened and inspired us from the time we learned to walk. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The ten words we pondered with fantasy and fear. Of course there was “Doctor” and “Vet” and the ever so famous “Firefighter”. But as our shoe size grew so did our knowledge. Suddenly we realized that careers surpassed the few parents that came in during “career day”. Both Seniors and Juniors are coming to the decision point we thought would never come. How does their childhood dreams match up to modern day realism?

“I wanted to be a cosmetologist!” Junior Sammy Johnson dreamed of styling long locks of hair when she was young.

“But now I am looking into the medical field.”

For Junior Reed Morehouse his dreams took a screeching halt when reality hit.

“I wanted to be a pro baseball player” Morehouse explains,

“But now I realize that dream is far from possible, I will probably be working in a cubicle the rest of my life.” He said chuckling. Morehouse plans to explore his options and weigh the cost-benefit of each.

Although many dreams have changed some have stayed right on track.

“When I was little I wanted to be a singer and I am still doing it and loving it. Senior Michelle Lee.

“I also got an interest in law during middle school and plan to major in it at college”

Lee took a popular class at BHS for Sophomores and Juniors called College and Career Prep, teaching students how to approach their future in a smart way. Course teacher Mrs.Karna sees dreams being formed and rearranged everyday.

“I see a lot of overlay from childhood dreams to major declaration. When students see that wow I can actually take what I love and turn it into something they love its awesome to see them get excited about it” But every person is different, even age makes a difference Karna mentions.

“Juniors always say “Oh I have a year” and are more comfortable throwing out ideas of what they want to do because they think they have that time. I notice Seniors calculate every fine detail going through what they like and what they realistically could do.”

Thinking about our futures as a Senior and even Junior class is exciting. Don’t be so sure to throw out your childhood dreams, they could end up into your reality.

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