Bathroom Race Boys vs. Girls

The rumor is that girls take longer in bathrooms than boys. We sat outside the bathroom doors and timed people from when they went in, to when they came out.

There are different factors that go into how long people take in the bathroom. Sometimes people go into the bathroom, but don’t actually use the bathroom, or maybe you have to wait in line, they could also just be going in to socialize with friends.

“I don’t go on my phone at school, but I do at home.” said Junior, Maddie Clubb

We took the times of eight boys, and eight girls.

Gender Male Female
Fastest time 30 seconds 34 seconds
Slowest time 6 minutes, 55 seconds 4 minutes, 25 seconds

“I get Snapchats from my friends while they’re in the bathroom, so I go meet up with them. Duty calls!” said Sophomore, Noah Evans

Turns out, the rumors may be true. The average female time spent in the bathroom was, 2 minutes and 46 seconds, compared to the Males average time of 2 minute and 31 seconds. They aren’t too far from each other, but this does prove that girls do, in fact, take more time in the bathroom.

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Sabrina Kumlin

"Is mayonnaise and instrument?"-Patrick Star

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