Amelia Anderson Leaves Impact on Every Aspect of BHS

From many music activities to BPA president, Amelia Anderson does it all.

Senior Amelia Anderson has been a part of plenty of extracurricular activities since her Freshman year. Over the years she also took on many leadership roles in her activities.

“Being a leader is my chance to give back to the people who are giving up so much time to do all of this,” Anderson said.

She describes being a leader isn’t just being appointed a role but showing up every single day and always putting your best foot forward.

The activity she’s been a part of the longest is band.

“I joined band in sixth grade. It’s always just been a part of my life.”

She is in 6 music related extracurricular activities. 

  • Marching Band (Drum Major)
  • Pit Orchestra
  • Symphonic Orchestra
  • Tri – M
  • Allstate Band
  • Music Listening

Music isn’t just putting in the hard work, it’s also about making time to enjoy what you’re doing.

“I am in a woodwind quintet right now. So it’s a bassoon, an oboe, a clarinet, flute and a french horn, and it’s just five of us that get together and we just sight read and play chamber music and it’s my favorite thing to do, because it’s run by us. So we have a lot of say in what we get to do and play. We’re playing Minecraft songs right now, which is kind of fun,” Anderson said.

Anderson takes Concert Band as an elective, but she says it’s so much more than a class. 

“It’s not just a class. It’s an environment,” Anderson said.

She touched on how Concert Band is a culture and how different members bring in different aspects that really shape the department.

“Amelia is 100% engaged,” Band Director Scott Rabehl said.

According to him she’s always all in regardless of what she’s in. She has the work ethic and isn’t afraid to begin new things or step up when necessary.

“I don’t know how she’s able to juggle [it]. I know I don’t have the organizational chops to spin as many plates as she does,” Rabehl said.

Community is a word Rabehl would describe Anderson as. She helps link students together and always puts her best foot forward. She also helps young students in the music department feel included in the music department. She mentored the Freshman Band this year and helped them with whatever they needed.

“She is a fearless beginner. She is willing to fail in order to get great at things,” Rabehl said.

Junior Elle Keranen is in various activities with Anderson. They are both in Concert Band, Music Listening Team, and she’s also in a woodwind quintet with her. 

“I have learned leadership skills from Amelia. She stays on task and is able to enforce productive rehearsals,” Keranen said.

According to everyone who has been in an activity with Amelia, she has a great work ethic.

“She is able to juggle many of her activities because she is a dedicated person who is willing to work hard for things she cares about,” Keranen said.

Besides the many music related activities Amelia is involved in, she also participates in 3 other activities.

  • Mock Trial
  • BPA (President)
  • Student Council

Anderson has been a part of Mock Trial since her Freshman year and she’s always stuck with it for the past few years. 

“Mock Trial for me is less about the law and more about the public speaking, and the opportunities I get,” Anderson said. 

Mock Trial is a tight knit community. Anderson has been on the same team of 12 people since her Freshman year and has made many strong connections. 

“They’re not necessarily people that I would reach out to normally, but I know I can reach out and talk to them. It’s the inside jokes and it really bonds you,” Anderson said. 

Junior Faith Mutterer is also in Mock Trial with Anderson and speaks incredibly highly of her.

She is such a significant person in mock trial and is the backbone [of it],” Mutterer said.

Anderson has made many close friendships in mock trial and you can ask anyone and they’d agree that she’s always there to guide and help.

“She taught me how to write a closing and how to gain confidence in the courtroom,” Mutterer said.

Mock Trial went to State March 3-4, Varsity 1 placed 10th and Amelia received 5 perfect scores.

BPA also qualified and went to state, March 10-12, and Amelia even qualified for nationals. She placed 3rd in Extemporaneous Speech and 3rd for Video Production team with Senior Jack Hintze and Junior Adam Gusel.

“It’s a good experience, it gave me a lot of good organizational skills about how to get people together,” Anderson said. “It’s a culture shock. It feels a lot bigger and grander. We’re facing schools I’ve never heard of before.”

“Amelia definitely works hard to cooperate with others and create an environment where people are able to comfortably push their limits on what they think they can do,” Adam Gusel said.

Amelia Anderson is definitely a person who can at least attempt to do everything. She is always willing to learn new things to better herself and others.

She will be attending the University of Minnesota in the Fall to participate in even more activities than she is now.

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